Burn Baby Burn

To get the most bang for your buck, or should we say, the most flame for your buck (that wasn't a good joke but we are who we are so what are we gonna do about it?), make sure to always keep your wick at about 1/4". This prevents "sooting" and gives you a cleaner burn. Ever had that yucky black residue on your jar? It's because your wick needed to be trimmed. 

While our girl Sheryl Crow said "the first cut is the deepest," we here at Flora & Fauna Candle Co. believe that the first burn is the most important. So, like same thing ya know? The first time you burn your candle, allow enough time for the entire top layer to liquify. This will help your future burns to be more even and prevent tunnelling.

We don't want to boss you around, but you really shouldn't burn your candle near an open window/AC unit/or a fan. This can disrupt the burn and cause the wick to "mushroom" which impacts your candles capacity to burn well. Also, please don't ever leave a candle burning unattended because that's just dangerous. We're not tryna start a fire outside of the nice little one you're going to light inside one of our containers.